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Painting With a Coat of Professional Touch

Whether your property needs wall painting, epoxy coating or line painting, our trained painters will do it all!

Altrad Corp

Residential, Commercial & Industrial Painting Contractors in the GTA

Altrad Corp is one of the most preferred painters serving the hi-rise buildings of residential, commercial and industrial markets in GTA and Mississauga. From the first discussion to the completion of the project, we strive hard to exceed client’s expectations with the help of our multifaceted painting services, leading-edge technology and highly-experienced painting contractors in the GTA.

We carefully understand your choices and style and fuse all of it together in the project. We are adept at painting any residential, industrial and commercial structure or building, regardless of its size or structure. We also offer quick delivery of each project within the set budget. Other than this, we also offer creative ideas and solutions to your painting projects whenever you need expert intervention.


If you have a painting project coming up, or you are a property manager and want to speak to us, feel free to call us. We offer expert services honed under an extensive experience of 30 years!

Types of Work We Do

We are lauded for the quality of our work, customer satisfaction, reliable management team and our up-to-date services. At Altrad Corp, the painting force of our in-house experts works passionately to ensure that no detail is overlooked, every colour need is met, and most importantly - your vision is fulfilled. Our types of work include:

Industrial Painting Services

All industrial painting projects can be customized to your specifications. If you have a colour in mind, we can execute the project according to your vision.

Residential Painting Services

Colours can completely transform the look and feel of your home, and Altrad Corp is your trusted partner for all residential transformations achieved through expert painting.

Commercial Painting Services

If you have a commercial project that needs renovation, our paint experts can breathe new life into your store.

Interior and Exterior Painting Service

Our painting services are implemented on both exterior and interior walls of industrial, residential and commercial properties. We offer the following:

Interior Painting:

Drywall installation and repair
Latex coating
Urethane coating
Epoxy coating
Painting (all interior surfaces)

Exterior Painting:

Concrete painting
Epoxy coating
Metal painting
Urethane coating
Elastomeric coating
Latex coating
Stucco painting
Wood painting
view of floor painting

The Journey of Altrad Corp

We have been serving industrial, residential and commercial properties of the GTA and Mississauga for more than 30 years.

paint worker showing paint roll and various shades of paint

Want to Join Us?

If you are looking for an opportunity to bring your painting skills to some good use, connect with us!

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