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Residential Property Management With Expert Painting in the GTA

Altrad Corp

Painting your home should make your property look increasingly lovely and make you feel welcomed whenever you walk in. For this, you will need to make a lot of decisions such as colour coordination, colour brands, and more. If you hire us at Altrad Corp for residential property management in the GTA, you won't have to worry about all of that. You will meet your goals while our painting services will exceed your expectations.  

Our experienced professionals put thorough emphasis on your residential property, preparing your wall and trimming surfaces prior to paint application. We are professionals in drywall prep and repair and offer the best quality paint products for your home walls in the GTA and Mississauga. We have a great team on board that has brought joy to a lot of our clients. From the first discussion to the final walk-through, every detail of the project is carefully noted. If you have a project in mind, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Our Residential Services

We undertake the following residential projects at Altrad Corp:

High rise new condo construction
Residential property management
Residential subdivisions
New construction
Residential townhouses and homes
Custom homes
Specialty staining
Wallpaper installation / removal / skimming
Condo corridor retrofit
Parking and garage painting

Our Recently Completed Projects

We have completed a number of projects for a diverse range of clientele. Have a look.

Amacon Construction

Block 9 2019 - 2020: 2 towers (28 storey/33 storey/640 units/ 3 level underground)
Block 7 2017- 2018: (1,000 units/ 4 level underground/2 towers/ 48/38 storey)
Block 8 2015- 2018: (1,000 units/ 4 level underground/ 2 towers/ 48/38 storey)
Parkside Village I, II, III condominiums - 1,100 suite complex
Elle Condominium - 300 suite building
Eve Condominium - 285 suite building
Eden Park Condominium - 300 suite building
The Capri Condominium - 250 suite condominium

Pinnacle International

Perla Condo 2020: (4 level underground/ 400 units/16/32 storey)
PJ Condo 2020: (5 level underground/430 units/ 51 storey)
Cyprus Condo 2020: (4 level underground/ 30 storey/ 389 units)
Amber Condo 2018: (4 level underground/ 2 towers/ 32/34 storey/ 485 units)
Success Tower Condominium - 1,250 suite complex
Pinnacle Centre Condominium - 800 suite complex
The Bellagio Condominium - 325 suite building
Grand Park Condo - 321 units

59 Construction Management

3066 Line Townhouse Project Oakville 2020: (110 townhouse units/ 1 level underground/ interior & exterior completed)
Roselawn Avenue 2020: (12 high end units/ staircase staining/ parking garage/ interior & exterior completed)
Church Loft Conversion 2018- 2019: (old church converted to 35 residential units)

DSV building group

Roncy condo: 2020 (12 storey/ 125 units/ 3 level garage)
3040 St Clair: 2020 (13 storey/ 115 Units/ 3 level garage)

Phantom Developments

Jade Condo
Tea Garden Condo

Neilas Development

The Cube Lofts - 21 converted loft building

Dunpar Homes

ToddGlen Construction

Tridel Group

Davies Smith Developments

1001 Queen Street - 190 suite building
Onyx Condominium - 380 suite building
HearthStone Condominium - 260 suite building
Rowe Condominium - 131 suite building
Solstice Condominium - 375 suite building
City Gate I & II - 672 suite complex
Grenadier Landing - 266 suite building
The Central on Jarvis - 110 suite building

Impressed With Our Body of Work?

We can provide our services to your residential, commercial, and industrial units too!

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