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Professional Commercial Painting Services in the GTA

Altrad Corp

We understand how important it is for you to have an aesthetically appealing workplace. Whether you are looking to remodel the look of your office or want to add new updates to it, the Altrad Corp team is here to help you tackle everything. From creating a plan that fits your business budget to choosing a fitting design for the wall floor, we are adept at turning your dream commercial-project into a reality with our high-quality commercial painting services in the GTA.

Paint application is not just about applying colours; it is something that will guard your building against rough environmental conditions and maintain the value of your property. With an experienced staff of professional painters, we deliver quality results that are bound to satisfy your needs. Whatever your commercial project needs, we would be happy to take the opportunity to help our GTA and Mississauga clients. Call us to connect with us.

Our Commercial Services

At Altrad Corp, we undertake the following commercial projects:

Offices (new and old)
Property management
Parking garages
Pavement markings (line painting)
Epoxy coatings
Staining and refinishing
Wallcovering installation

The Clients We Are Proud to Work With

Some of our commercial clients in the GTA and Mississauga regions are:

GWL Realty Advisors
Wentworth Properties
Hove Street Properties
Double V Contracting
Amacon Construction
Dexterra Property Management
Triovest Realty Advisors
Economy Contracting

Our Recent Projects

Some of our recently completed projects are:

Cambridge New Roofmart warehouse (Hove Street) 45k sq.ft 5935
789 DonMills Road - Misc work throughout (Triovest)
Bell Canada Don Mills facility (Economy Contracting)
4080 Confederation Parkway - 6,000 sq.ft office, 4000 sq.ft office (Wentworth Properties)
5140 Yonge Street TTC office - completed floor, 1,200 sq.ft (GWL)
101 Glidden Rd. - 10,000 sq.ft office space (Hove Street Properties/Iko Industries
799 Powerline Rd. - office space & warehouse (Hove Street Properties/Iko Industries)
Miller Thompson - 10,000 sq.ft office (Double V contracting)
Lexmark - fire retardant coating (GWL)
Airport Road - 60 parking garage retrofit (Dexterra)
5160 Yonge Street - Misc work throughout building (GWL)
5160 Yonge Street Tarion Head office (Double V contracting/ GWL)
4080 Confederation Parkway - completed all retail space (Amacon Construction)
80 Stafford Drive - 12,000 sq.ft office space (Hove Street Properties/Iko Industries)
40 Hansen Rd. - Exterior Building (Hove Street Properties/Iko Industries)
InSystems - 20,000 sq.ft office (Double V contracting) Miller Thompson - 10000 sq.ft office (Double V cont
ADP Head Office - 10,000 sq.ft office (Double V contracting)
GEAC - 15,000 sq.ft office (GWL)

Need Industrial Painting Service?

Let us help you renovate your industrial property with our quality painting service.

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