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Expert Industrial Painting Services in the GTA

Altrad Corp

We are the local experts in industrial painting services and restorations in the GTA, and we take pride in what we do best. We emphasize thorough cleaning and preparation before the paint applicant to guarantee a paint job that will last. With on-time delivery and on-budget solutions, our team can paint any surfaces using the best techniques and quality products in the GTA and Mississauga.

We are fully insured and have unique colour palettes that suit the taste of each of our clients. Our painting techniques stand apart from the rest, and that is what makes us the best! Whether you’re inclined towards classic or modest paint style for your industrial setup, every colour choice is respected by our team. Our experts will make every effort to provide results just as you expected. If this piqued your interest, or you wish to speak to our expert, give us a call.

Recent Projects

Some of our recently completed industrial projects are:

Hove Street Properties

800 Tapscott Road - 125,000 sq.ft warehouse
105 Industrial Road - 35,000 sq.ft warehouse

Double V Contracting

35 Leek Crescent - 30,000 sq.ft warehouse
60 Columbia Way - 25,000 sq.ft warehouse
FedEx Building - 25,000 sq.ft warehouse

Are You Looking for Residential Painting Contractors?

We are the preferred residential painting contractors servicing the GTA and Mississauga.

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